Put Hit On

Hommage à Bob Andy, Apple Gabriel, Delroy Washington et UK Principal

Animé par Eliot, Cess', Victor & Dan | Victor / Eliot / Cess / Dan à la technique

Ces derniers jours, la musique jamaïcaine a vu quatre de ses étoiles s’éteindre…

Bob Andy, Apple Gabriel du groupe Israel Vibration, Delroy Washington et UK Principal ont quitté la scène et nous leurs dédions cette émission.  

Bob Andy - I’ve Got To Go Back Home (Studio One)
Ken Boothe - I Don’t Want To See You Cry (Studio One)
Bob Andy - Let Them Say (Studio One)
Bob Andy - Too Experienced (Studio One)
Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping (Studio One)
Bob Andy - Unchained (Studio One)
Bob & Marcia - Always Together (Studio One)
Bob Andy - Peace In Your Mind (Trojan)
Bob Andy and The Revolutionarys - Ghetto Stays In The Mind (Trojan Records / High Note)
Bob Andy - Rasta Reggae Music (I-Anka)
Bob Andy - You Think It’s A Joke (Tuff Gong)

Israël vibration - Walk on a street of glory

Apple Gabriel - Gifted one 
                           Mr conman
                           Rude boy Juggling
                           Telepathic wave

Groundation - We free again (Don carlos ft apple gabriel) 

Aswad - African Children

Delroy Washington - Give all the praise to jah
                                     Freedom frighters 
                                     The way to reason
Jah Shaka                  Help one another (ft Delroy Washington)

UK Principal - Endless Memories (Room In The Sky)
UK Principal - Positively Clear (Bababoom Hi Fi)
Uk Principal - African Country (Zulu Vibes)

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